St. Paul’s Lutheran Church History Highlights

Early history shows that by 1900 Lutheran people settled in the vicinity of Eden Valley, Minnesota. Lutheran services were held in Eden Valley at the Church of God and the Lutheran Church at Manannah. In the Fall of 1910 organizing a Lutheran congregation in Eden Valley began and on June 5, 1911 a group assembled and adopted the constitution offered and read by Pastor H.W. Weseloh, who served the congregation for over a year.


April 20, 1913 – It was decided to buy a lot and build a church.

June 18, 1913 – The congregation resolved to incorporate and to be named St. Paul’s Lutheran Evangelical Lutheran Church, Wisconsin Synod.

November 12, 1936 – The Ladies Aid was started with 4 charter members.

November 3, 1940 – The complete liturgy was introduced into the English service and in 1941 it was voted to use English in every Sunday service.

August 15, 1943 – The congregation voted to join the Missouri Synod.

April 16, 1944 – It was decided that men and women could take communion together.

1947 – The church, built in 1913, was remodeled.

July 9, 1961 – The 50th anniversary of the church was celebrated.

1969 – More room was needed, so it was decided to build a new church. Land was purchased in a new section of Eden Valley.

September 2, 1972 – Groundbreaking ceremonies took place for the new church.

October 23, 1972 – The constitution was amended to allow women of age to vote.

August 29, 1983 – It was decided to build a new parsonage on the West side of the church property. Construction began on September 7, 1983.

1986 – The congregation celebrated its 75th anniversary.

May 11, 2003 – Groundbreaking ceremonies took place to add on a new sanctuary, remodel and move the kitchen from the basement to the ground level.

2011 – The congregation celebrated its 100th anniversary.